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Bahamas Also known as Paradise Island, the Bahamas are a refuge of shady palm trees and warm, calming breezes.  Tourism stimulates the economy, and is the bread and butter for many Caribbean families.  However, out of the luxury, materialism has grown, giving way to drug addictions and family breakdown. These islands show symptoms of spiritual need, and you can
be a part of ripping off the mask and exposing this commonwealth to the heart of God.
Invade the parks, beaches, and even a world-famous fish fry with a drama presentation that communicates the gospel clearly and passionately.  Participate in a basketball tournament and show the youth that following Christ is more than a label…it is truly a lifestyle.  If dribbling a ball on the courts makes you nervous, then skip over to head up service projects and
a program for kids that the families in Nassau will never forget. 
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